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Historic Glendower Farm boasts a legacy of convivial hospitality dating back to Colonial America. Established by Welsh Quakers prior to the Revolutionary War, the elegant stone manor house sits on lush rolling acreage just north of Philadelphia, surrounded by three hundred year old sycamores and aromatic thickets of wild roses. The land beneath the homestead was a debt paid by King George III to the family of William Penn and was part of the parcel of land that named the state of Pennsylvania.

Through the centuries, Glendower Farm was home to generations of prestigious entrepreneurial families often listed on the well-preserved Philadelphia Social Register. These were the precursors to today’s affluent “Jet Setters!”

In 1980, Glendower Farm passed from one hundred years in the Hollingsworth family to Tom and Joanne Balshi. The Balshi's meticulously restored the entire property to museum quality and converted the crumbling barn to an entertainment showcase. Their daughter, Annie, President and CEO of B.E. Princess, was raised and nurtured within the heart of Glendower Farm.

Glendower Farm “Snacks” evolved naturally from the ever-stuffed cupboards in the charming kitchen. Guests came in abundance and were always greeted with a welcoming array of spirits, spicy and salty vittles and the most delicate sweets.

Today’s collection of onboard snacks named after this historic estate are meant to convey a reminiscent touch of age-old hospitality, with fresh flavors hand packaged for exclusive guests, and designed to pare with everything from crisp sparkling water to the finest champagne. These delicacies are available only from the royal stash of B.E. Princess, an expanding menu of distinctive bites miles higher than commercial competitors.

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